Saturday, January 3, 2009

E-Books Library ENGLISH E-BOOKS COLLECTIONTo read most of these books, you will need Microsoft Reader, which can be downloaded from: In many ways, MS-Reader is better than adobe acrobat pdf reader. You can literally turn the pages by turning the mouse wheel :-) in MS-Reader... And it looks exactly like a book page on your goes...Agatha Christie Andre Norton Anne Rice Body building Christopher Paolini Clive Cussler Dan Brown Darren Shan David Eddings David Gemmell Dean Koontz Doctor Who Dungeons and Dragons Edgar Allen Poe Edith Wharton Enid Blyton First Superman Comic book George R R Martin Hannibal Trilogy Hardy Boys Harry Potter Holy Books Compendium Issac Asimov James Bond James Rollins John Saul JRR Tolkien Julian May Le Fanus Lemony Snicket Leo Tolstoy Lloyd Alexander MAD magazines Mario Puzo Marion Bradley Zimmer McCarthy Cormac Mercedes lackey Michael Crichton Michael Moorcock Neil Gaiman Occult and Magic ebooks P G Wodehouse Philip K Dick R L Stine Resident Evil Reymond e Feist Robert Ludlum Robert R Mccammon Robin Cook Robin Hobb Science Fiction and Classics Simon R Green Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Wars Stephen King Stephen Lawhead Steven Erikson Tad Williams Tarzan Terry Brooks Terry Pratchett The Holy Koran The Shadow Three Investigators Three Musketeers

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